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Choosing the Best Bed for a Chihuahua


Sure, dogs may lie down to rest and sleep just about anywhere if they are tired enough, however you may be surprised regarding how many elements are affected by the type of bed that a Chihuahua has access to. In addition, while you may want to have your Chi sleep in your own bed, there are some downsides to that. 

Already know why it's best for a Chihuahua to have his own bed? Jump right to recommendations

Sleeping in a Human's Bed vs a Canine Bed

The one pro is that an owner gets to snuggle up with their dog. This said, there are 6 cons that you may want to consider:
  • Lack of proper support. Human beds do not provide the proper supportive qualities for small canines. Due to the thickness of the mattress, what may be a superb quality bed for you will not flex nor curve to absorb a small dog's body weight, therefore nullifying any supportive benefits. 
  • Habit. Once a dog sleeps in his owner's bed, this is a very hard habit to reverse. Should you ever change your mind, it can be very trying and frustrating to get a Chihuahua to sleep in his own bed.
  • Accidents. The more time a puppy or dog remains in one area, the higher the likelihood of having an accident; once urine soaks into a mattress, it can be exceedingly difficult to remove it, which can leave a lingering odor. 
  • Injury. Being so tiny, it is far too easy for a Chihuahua to be injured; the two most common ways are falling off of the bed and being rolled over. It must be noted that trauma is the 1st leading cause of death for all puppies and the 2nd leading cause of death for adult Chihuahuas. 
  • Worsening separation anxiety. If a Chihuahua is not allowed to become accustomed to his own bed, he will often have a much harder time settling down and relaxing in his area when home alone.
  • Hierarchy issues.For any Chihuahuas that do not listen, mark, show destructive traits or are otherwise out-of-control due to not understanding proper hierarchy, part of resolving the issue is to not allow the dog to sleep in the human's bed. Dogs that have an improper understanding of the chain of command will misinterpret this as being on the same leadership level as his humans.  

What a Good Canine Bed will Offer:

There are 4 important benefits that the right quality bed will offer to a Chihuahua puppy or dog:

1. Proper support. Prone to both patella luxation and hip dysplasia, it is vital that a Chihuahua have the right orthopedic surface when sleeping; after all, puppies sleep up to 18 hours and as a Chihuahua matures, this will go down to 12 to 15 hours. That is a good portion of the day that the body will either be resting on the right surface to help ease stress on joints and bones or it will detrimental to the body. 

There is no question that adults and senior Chihuahuas need a memory foam mattress, however Chi of all ages can benefit from the restorative qualities that a great canine bed offers and starting off a puppy in a canine bed will allow you to avoid any sort of transition down the line. Where a dog sleeps is a top habit that forms early. This said, a dog will change his habits if it brings about more comfort, security or other elements that he finds favorable. 

2. Security. While some say that a Chihuahua has no idea of his size, this is quite an overstatement. Many Chihuahua puppies and dogs are quite aware that so much in their world towers over them. And having the right bed can offer a Chi a feeling of safety and security that toy breeds often desperately need. 

When a Chihuahua has his own area to retreat, rest and sleep, he has the quintessential 'den' that canines crave. It offers respite from what may be an overwhelming world. When home alone, a dog will find a sense of security in his bed, which can aid in both stress reduction and ability to nap. 

3. Comfort - When a dog is able to enter deep sleep (REM) and truly rest both his body and his mind, he is more agreeable, less moody and more receptive to his day (walking, interaction, etc.). The right bed will offer optimal comfort for a peaceful and restorative sleep.  

4. Hygiene. There are quite a few elements that accumulate on a dog and having a quality bed allows for two things: a surface that resists moisture and a covering that can easily be laundered. Most notably, is body oils; every moment, around the clock, a dog produces natural body oils. 
These help keep the skin and coat from drying out. One goal when bathing a Chi is to wash off the accumulation of these oils. However, from one bath to the next, these are deposited on fabrics that the dog comes into contact with.

In addition to this, are droplets of urine, small flecks of feces and dirt and debris that are picked up onto the coat. This all culminates into a sleeping surface that should be washed at least once a month, if not twice. 

Summary - Having a Chihuahua sleep in his own bed eliminates issues including possible injury and housebreaking accidents on a human mattress and better primes a dog to do better when home alone, feel secure and have the proper support for good health. So, that brings us to the question of, which type of bed is the best bed for this breed. And, we'll cover this next. 

Types of Dog Beds

Essentially, there are 3 basic types of bed construction:

Bolster beds - These are mattresses surrounded on three sides with raised bumpers that provide a dog a comfortable area to rest his head, snuggle against and to keep him on the bed despite any sort of moving or rolling around that he may do. Most Chihuahuas do very well with this type of bed. 

Flat - These are flat mattresses that do not have any sorts of walls. These are recommended for Chihuahuas that really prefer to lie on the floor. Floor surfaces can cause sores on the elbows, thinning of fur on contact points and general soreness in the body; therefore, this is a good alternative and compromise for dogs that would be just fine on the floor if you did not intervene. 

Elevated- This sort of specialty dog bed is raised off of the floor, by varying degrees. There are a few reasons why this would be the best choice for a particular Chihuahua. 

These are great for dogs that tend to get hot as it allows for airflow underneath his resting area. These are also fantastic to bring outside if you spend a lot of time in the yard and want your Chihuahua to have a comfortable resting spot outdoors. 

And these are also great if a certain Chihuahua prefers to be up high a bit. Some do love a 'look out' point (some like to be able to see out of a window) or higher area that aligns with the height of an owner's bed, which can be accomplished with an indoor dog house that provides a mattress on a raised platform.

Qualities and Elements of the Best Beds

When choosing a bed, there are a few things to keep an eye out for:

Durability - Both the framing, mattress and covering fabric should be made with quality materials that will stand up to daily use.

Washable - You'll want the bed covering to be easily removable and machine washable. 

Quality fabric - The fabric should be of a texture that is not detrimental to the coat. Or that nails will snag on. 

Supportive - Perhaps most importantly, the mattress should be sturdy enough that it does not clump, providing a smooth surface. 
For the best support, look for medical grade orthopedic memory foam. This is a must for senior Chihuahuas.
Other elements- Reversible coverings that allow you to experiment with which type of texture your Chihuahua likes, moisture resistant coverings and non-skin bottoms are all extra features that will make for a super high-quality bed. 

Sizing - This is perhaps the trickiest aspect of all, considering how tiny this breed is; however, sizing is paramount in choosing a bed for a Chihuahua puppy or dog. While you want a Chihuahua to have enough room to stretch out as he desires, if the bed is too large, you'll loose a lot of the benefits such as security and appropriate support. 
Now, that's we've summarized what elements make for the best beds for this breed, here are our top recommendations that offer all of the mentioned features: 

Bolster Beds for Chihuahuas 

Most Chihuahuas like to have a bolster bed. These are particularly great for when a puppy or dog is home alone, since it offers a sense of comfort and security. 

Orthopedic Beds

And, you may want to consider one constructed with quality memory foam that conforms to a dog's body for proper support. These are good for Chihuahuas of all ages, to offer appropriate support and are especially beneficial for older, senior Chihuahua and any Chi that have knee, back or hips issues. 

Elevated Beds

Whether your Chihuahua likes to stay cool, enjoys having a look-out point or likes to be at the same level as you, these elevated beds will keep a Chi happy. 

Bed Steps and Ramps Sized for a Chihuahua

If your Chihuahua sleeps in your bed and that is working out for you, but you are looking for a way for your dog to have better access to your bed, steps or ramps are just the thing. These are sized for small dogs. Chihuahuas that have trouble climbing stairs will do best with either a ramp or cornered steps that provides an easier climb. 
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