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Gifts for Chihuahua

Great Gifts to Give to a Chihuahua

and More!
If you feel that you should include your Chihuahua in on the holiday celebrations or mark your dog's birthday in a special way, you're not alone at all. The majority of owners honesty do feel that their dog is part of the family and consider him or her to be much more than just a pet; he/she is a canine family member.

In fact, polls show that 63% of dog owners buy Christmas or birthday gifts for their dog. And over 40% hang up a stocking on Christmas that is filled with small treats and toys.

As you know, canines are incredibly smart (the 13th smartest animal in the world) and are exceedingly aware of when special events are happening. If a dog doesn't get some sort of attention on special occasions, he is often quite aware of that.

However, since most people are on a budget, the wise move may be to not only get your Chihuahua a gift to show that you care, but at the same time get him/her something that can really be used and appreciated.

This may be a certain toy to help with teething needs.... toys that offer a more engaging play experience.... specialty items to help dogs that have trouble with being home alone.... or even clothing that both looks cute and keeps a tiny Chihuahua feeling secure and warm.

So, without further ado, here's what we've rounded up, that make perfect gifts for Chihuahuas all throughout the year and also for special occasions. 

All Occasion Gifts - Themed Around a Chihuahua's Needs

Toys for Chihuahua puppies that are teething - Teething is an intense and uncomfortable time for pups; never underestimate how much itching and discomfort a pup is feeling. It can be such a hard time for them. However, if you have the right toys to offer to your Chi, this can make a huge difference. Teething toys are sized and have the right textures and flex to help a pup reach the areas that are bothering him the most. These gifts will be appreciated more than you can imagine. 
For small yet very strong chewers - If toys don't last long with your Chihuahua and he's got a love of chewing, the answer is to give him some super strong, virtually indestructible toys. Your Chihuahua, your shoes and your other family members will thank you. 
For Chihuahuas that have trouble playing independently. Some dogs love to play, but have a hard time doing it solo. And since you can't always be right by your Chihuahua's side to play with him, the best gift for this sort of Chihuahua is a toy that speaks to him. This can keep a puppy or dog happy and busy for hours. 

Super Helpful Gifts for Chihuahuas that Don't Like Being Home Alone

With many dogs, being home alone goes far beyond just missing their human. It can bring about an incredible amount of stress and overwhelming anxiety. While there are things that you can do such as taking practice runs in gradual intervals and experimenting with a window vs non-window view, if your Chihuahua really suffers badly from separation anxiety, it can really help to obtain a few things that can help soothe him and keep him calm.

The two best elements that we've found to work are a companion toy by playing certain music.
Companion toys go far beyond simple stuffed animals; they mimic animals that are actually alive via a soothing heartbeat and body warmth.
Incredibly helpful music, music & speech gifts - And in regard to playing sounds, while you can leave on the TV or find an easy-listening radio channel, these recordings (available as MP3, streaming or CDs) offer what typical channels or stations cannot: music or a combination of music & speech that is made specifically for canine hearing and to help a dog feel relaxed. 

Christmas Gifts to Give to Your Chihuahua

If you want to get your Chihuahua something that's holiday themed and that he will enjoy, here are some great options.

These are some adorable holiday toys and some extra special canine holiday treats, to really make the season special. 
Christmas Gifts for a Chihuahua - These make great presents for under the tree, that a Chihuahua will actually enjoy playing with. 
Some really cute accessories to help turn your Chihuahua into a little elf and bring some holiday cheer. Of course, these all are available in both extra small or small. 
Cute holiday, winter clothing for Chihuahuas - These make great gifts because the sweater gets your Chihuahua lots of attention (and what Chi doesn't love that) and additionally helps keep him warm (this breed tends to get chilly very easily, so having a few key clothing pieces for a Chihuahua is often needed).
Holiday Treats and canine cookie dough - Can you imagine the holidays without baked goods and sweet treats? Of course not!  And there's no reason why you have to leave your Chihuahua out of this part of the seasonal celebrations. These treat gift boxes and bags make awesome presents for Chihuahua puppies and dogs.

These are all made in the USA. If you want to try your hand at making some homemade treats, opt for the Holiday Cookie Mix; it's wheat, soy & corn free and even comes with a bone shaped cookie cutter! 
birthday cake icon- illustrated

Birthday Gifts for a Chihuahua

It's always fun when you get the chance to mark your Chihuahua's special day and celebrate his birth.

And most owners want to do just what they like other to do for them: Offer a great present and a special birthday cake.

Finding a fun gift might not be too hard, but what about cake?  You'll be happy to hear that there's some great options for both doggie cookies and special doggie birthday cake. 
Cute birthday themed toys - These are both high quality and fun for dogs. From a plush toy to snuggle with to a birthday chew to... to a signing gift and a whole collection of toys to jump into, these are sure to be appreciated. 
Special birthday treats and cake mix - These are such a great way to help celebrate your Chihuahua's birthday. And you'll be happy to know that these are all made in the USA. Claudia's awesome pack of treats are made with human-grade ingredients (basically, you could eat a few yourself!), and are half-dipped in yummy yogurt. 

There's no preservatives, by-products, fillers or other nasty things that are found in lesser-quality snacks.

And if you want to bake your Chihuahua a cake, you'll be thrilled to have these cake mixes. They come in flavors that dogs love, like the pumpkin (wheat free) and peanut butter seen here. If you check them out, you'll also find other awesome flavors like red velvet, carob and banana! They are made in the USA, are all natural, are easy to back (egg, water, oil) and even come with a super yummy frosting. 
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