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The GIANT Book

Chihuahua Care Book

PetChiDog's GIANT  Book of Chihuahua Care
PetChiDog's GIANT Book of Chihuahua Care
New edition just released! This 364-page comprehensive book is the most helpful, detailed Chihuahua book that exists.
Available in print (via Amazon) PetChiDog's GIANT Book of Chihuahua Care - Paperback $16.99 8.5x11" 364 pages
And PDF ebook (formatted for your computer, tablet, or smartphone) PetChiDog's GIANT Book of Chihuahua Care PDF ebook $9.99 
Features in the book:
• Focused to present intensely detailed care information for the Chihuahua owner who is looking for effective guidance for all steps of their Chi's life. 

 • An in-depth look at Chihuahua Intelligence and steps you can take to allow your Chi to live to his/her potential. 

 • 30+ Chihuahua specific Behavioral Chapters - Every behavior that is seen with Chihuahuas, along with detailed training for each quirk. What is normal and what is not.

 • A vital look at 'The Chihuahua Personality', which covers the importance of not leaving your Chihuahua’s personality up to chance. You’ll learn how your everyday actions and training methods will help cultivate your Chi’s acceptance, tolerance, and ability to interact with you and the rest of the world in a positive way. 

 • 20+ Health Chapters - Understand Chihuahua physical wellness to take excellent care of your and as he or she grows older. Save time and money by knowing how to diagnose, treatment you can give at home (exact home remedies are given) and when you must bring your Chihuahua to the veterinarian.

• An Exemplary Separation Anxiety Chapter, covering every single possible scenario, with step-by-step guidelines. If followed, your Chihuahua will become a confident, independent dog that can handle being alone.

 • Super Helpful, Step-by-Step guide for all Socialization and Desensitization (a book-within-a-book) - With dogs (both known and unknown), visitors, strangers, and situations. Such a wonderful, perfect guide for building self-confidence and restraint, allowing a Chihuahua to be social, very well-behaved and happy.

 • Full and complete grooming details - Bathing, brushing, nails, eyes, tear staining, ears, skin, coat, and full & complete dental care details.

 • If your Chihuahua isn’t housebroken yet,you’ll be pleased that this book includes a fail-proof house training chapter for speedy success. Covers all possible hiccups you may encounter. And, you will also have detailed information regarding marking and submissive urination.

 • Full command training chapterthat details all basic commands. You'll learn how bypass mistakes owners make. Your Chi can be well-trained and well-behaved. 
• An Exceptional Barking Chapter, that covers every possible trigger that sets a Chihuahua off, with exact steps to stop the barking behavior.

 • Perfect weather-care sections for summer and winter. Activity sections for indoor exercise, outdoor exercise, dog park information, 'Fun Things to Do', and alternative activities. 

 • EVERY food and nutrition issue that could affect your Chihuahua: Nutrients needed, supplements, exact calories for age and weight, home cooking, comparisons of top brands, finicky eaters, most common eating problems, helping a Chi gain weight, switching foods, which bowls are best, changes for seniors, important water fact section and appetite issues (decreased and increased).

• Every aspect of Chihuahua Puppy Care - Puppy Supplies to Have, Puppy Proofing Your Home, Naming Your Chihuahua, Introducing your Chi to Family & Home, Falling into a Schedule, How to React to Whining and Crying, Vaccinations, Reactions to Vaccines, Hypoglycemia, Teething and with this book, we are finally releasing our data, compiled over a period of 3 years, using weights from 128 Chihuahuas, to show growth from birth to maturity.

• A strong focus on Coat Care - Chihuahua Fur Issues and Thinning Coats. What does not work & what does for fur growth (and why) along with exact, detailed steps to resolve coat issues. 

 • A chapter devoted to obtaining ultimate Chihuahua safety & happiness - Traveling, First Aid, Vet Visits, How to Keep Your Chihuahua Safe, and How to Bond with Your Chi.

• Included are enlightening survey results showing the stats of 3,272 Chihuahuas; this will help you know what to expect and you'll be able to see where your Chi puppy or dog falls in with others.

 • This book is truly GIANT;however, you won’t be overwhelmed; meticulous care was given to fonts, bullets, side bars, and specialized text to make it a joy to read.

• Newborn Care, Senior Care & EVERYTHING in between. Females, males, puppies, adolescents, adults; this book truly has it all. Whether you have your first puppy or are a seasoned owner, this Chihuahua book is a must-have. Let’s start fresh today and work toward optimal health and happiness for your canine family member.  
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Available in print (via Amazon) PetChiDog's GIANT Book of Chihuahua Care - Paperback $16.99 8.5x11" 364 pages
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