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The GIANT Book

Chihuahua Care Book

The Giant Book of Chihuahua Care 
by PetChiDog

Format: Print (8.5x11" soft cover)
                PDF eBook

The most comprehensive Chihuahua Book that exists: It takes a giant, detailed and breed-specific book to confidently care for a Chihuahua through every stage of his/her life. Now you’ve found it!

With your GIANT Book of Chihuahua Care, you can quickly reference what you need to know about, read ahead to prepare and gain knowledge for the unexpected. 

You'll be happy to know that finally, there's a book that covers it all. And it's only available exclusively here on our website.
Features in the book:
• Focused to present intensely detailed care information for the Chihuahua owner who is looking for effective guidance for all steps of their Chi's life. 

 • An in-depth look at Chihuahua Intelligence and steps you can take to allow your Chi to live to his/her potential. 

 • 24 Chihuahua specific Behavioral Chapters - Perfect detailing of Chihuahua behavior with detailed training for each quirk. What is normal and what is not.

 • 34 Chihuahua specific Health Chapters - Understand Chihuahua physical wellness to take excellent care of your and as he or she grows older. Save time and money by knowing how to diagnose, treatment you can give at home (exact home remedies are given) and when you must bring your Chihuahua to the veterinarian.

• An Exemplary Separation Anxiety Chapter, covering every single possible scenario, with step-by-step guidelines. If followed, your Chihuahua will become a confident, independent dog that can handle being alone.

 • Super Helpful, Step-by-Step guide for all Socialization Training (a book-within-a-book)- With dogs (both "known" and "unknown"), visitors, strangers, and situations. Such a wonderful, perfect guide for building self-confidence and restraint, allowing a Chihuahua to be social, very well-behaved and happy!

 • Full and complete grooming details - Bathing, drying, brushing, nails, eyes, tear staining, ears, skin, coat and full & complete dental care details. Your Chihuahua will be looking perfect!

 • Extremely detailed house-training and command training, with photos to explain and step-by-step guidelines to follow....How to deal with nighttime issues, when home alone and the most common housebreaking hiccups with exact steps to resolve... this covers everything. Commands covers all basic commands plus a special fun trick. You'll have the best behaved dog in the neighborhood.
• An Exceptional Barking Chapter, that covers every possible trigger that sets a Chihuahua off, with exact steps to stop the barking behavior.

 • Perfect weather-care sections for summer and winter. Activity sections for indoor exercise, outdoor exercise, dog park information and alternative activities. 

 • EVERY food and nutrition issue that could affect your Chihuahua: Nutrients needed, supplements, exact calories for age and weight, home cooking, comparisons of top brands, finicky eaters, most common eating problems, helping a Chi gain weight, switching foods, which bowls are best, changes for seniors, important water fact section and appetite issues (decreased and increased).

• An intense Color Chapter - Every Chihuahua color that exists. Photos and facts regarding each color and possible markings. 

• Every aspect of Chihuahua Puppy Care - Puppy Supplies to Have, Puppy Proofing Your Home, Naming Your Chihuahua, Introducing your Chi to Family & Home, Falling into a Schedule, How to React to Whining and Crying, Vaccinations, Reactions to Vaccines, Hypoglycemia, Teething and with this book, we are finally releasing our data, compiled over a period of 3 years, using weights from 128 Chihuahuas, to show growth from birth to maturity.

• A strong focus on Coat Care - Chihuahua Fur Issues and Thinning Coats. What does not work & what does for fur growth (and why) along with exact, detailed steps to resolve coat issues. 

 • A Chapter devoted to obtaining ultimate Chihuahua happiness - Traveling, First Aid, Vet Visits and a detailed section on How to Bond with Your Chi.

 • 100+ Photos, charts and graphs throughout the book. 

• Newborn Care, Senior Care & EVERYTHING in between. Females, Males, Puppies, Adolescents, Adults, This book truly has it all.
Improvement seen in Chihuahuas of all ages:
Those who have this book find themselves saying, "Now I understand!" and "Oh, that's why my Chihuahua is doing that!" Training is given in detailed, yet easy to understand ways & an owner can begin any training immediately:

 • Proper Hierarchy (essential for your Chihuahua to respect you, listen and behave)
 • Commands
 • Heeling
 • Getting Along with Other Dogs
 • Getting Along with Cats
 • Aggression
 • Severe Aggression
 • Behaving well around a baby
 • Barking -Training for each different reason of barking, including barking at night.
 • Digging
 • Eating Grass
 • Eating Feces
 • EVERY single aspect of housebreaking - What breeders should be doing before you bring your Chihuahua home, pee pads, outdoor training, crating, how to deal with accidents, nighttime issues, setting things up for "home alone", training the older Chi
  • A HUGE Socialization Chapter: Step-by-step training, covering in DETAIL all aspects: Other dogs, Visitors, Strangers, New Places, New Events. This alone is the equivalent of its own book! (and is just one of the super-wonderful extras that is part of our new-edition book!)
 • Desensitization training for Separation Anxiety 

What Chihuahua owners are saying about their GIANT Book of Chihuahua Care:
" I was really tired of books that claimed to offer helpful information, but ended up being another copy that was useless. I really love this one-of-the kind Chihuahua book, I can't imagine how much work went into this." Dave Trolly, Ogden Utah
"I thought I was "stuck" with a crazy, nervous and hard to control Chihuahua, I'm now clearly seeing that behavior change! Thank you, thank you, thank you for this book! I did not think a book like this actually existed and I am so happy to have [it]" Cheryl Darvis, Beaufort, SC
"Did I need a giant book for my (former) hyper, non-listening Chi? Yes! And I'm so happy to say there's been radical changes. My 5lb. long coat Chihuahua, Duper, is now fully housetrained, walks BY MY SIDE when I take him around the neighborhood and is immensely happier. Thank you!" Dwight Alberheim North Dakota
"Well, I'm not a 'dummy' but a real, actual breed specific book was greatly needed. Do you have a star rating system? If so, 10 stars! Daisy Duke is incredibly calmer when at home alone, has gained almost 1 pound and loves her new setup that you recommended." Eliza Marcroft, Rutland City, Vermont
"The petchidog website went above and beyond, taking overviews and extrapolating this into full, detailed, incredibly helpful chapters. Add to that sections relevant to Chi's that no other book offers and we have a huge winner, I highly recommend". Darlene Cosley, Beaumont, CA
"My Chi's main issues were finicky eating and barking up a storm at literally everything. I follow the book exact and she's behaved now! And my doctor sends his thanks for my lowered blood pressure! On a very serious note, later, your book helped me identify both a luxated patella and Folliculitis now both resolved as well thanks to this book"
Dale Evenward, Bisbee, AZ
 "I originally got the book when my female was pregnant. It was tremendously helpful and now I refer to it for my 4 pups (even though I've been a lifelong Chihuahua lover). Great, detailed book."  Sara Gilbert, Westwendor, NV
"I appreciate that this book does not have any fluff and only contains pertinent information. That said, I had no idea how much I didn't know until the book arrived on my doorstep. Wonderfully done and a great service to all Chihuahua owners. Kudos!" Merle Austere, Geelong Australia 
You will find this book very helpful if you answer 'yes' to any of the following:
  • Are you tired of generic books that don't really help you?
  • Are you wondering if you're doing all you can for your Chihuahua's emotional & physical health?
  • Do you think your Chi "has to be that way" (not heeling, not obeying commands, being nervous, jealous, full of anxiety and/or barking) just because he or she is a Chihuahua?
  • Do you know that the information you want must be out there, but you don't know where to find it?
If so, this book is perfect for you and your Chi!
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