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Chihuahua Questions and Answers

This is the Chihuahua Question and Answer Article section, where you will find detailed information to answer some common questions that owners have. When you become a Free Member, you will be able to suggest a subject for us to write about. 

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Health Related

Can a Chihuahua Get Braces for His Teeth? This discusses the issue of a Chihuahua having very crooked teeth and if obtaining braces for the dog is a legitimate option.
Chihuahua Back Problems - There are several types of issues that involve the spine and back of a Chihuahua. Read about the types of issues, signs, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment.
Chihuahua with Fleas- Do you have questions about fleas? Whether you think that you spotted one on your dog or you want to know how to protect your dog against these nasty little bugs, this section will give you all of the answers.
Help with Overweight or Fat Chihuahua - Only puppies should have a rounded appearance. If you need help with a Chihuahua that is overweight, this article will be of help.
Spaying or Neutering a Chihuahua- Many owners hesitate to have this procedure done because they have so many questions regarding the safety of the procedure and possible side effects regarding a Chi's behavior afterward. We give you the details regarding this, including the pros and cons.
Chihuahua Shaking - Is it normal for this breed to shake? Is it a breed characteristic or a sign that something is wrong?
Chihuahua Bad Breath Problems - You keep your dog super clean, brushing and grooming the coat until it shines. He/she looks super healthy, but then that tiny mouth opens and a terrible smell comes out. What can you do? This detailed section will answer all of your questions about canine bad breath and things you can easily do at home to resolve this.
Chihuahua Fur Issues- Do you have a question about how to keep the coat healthy? Or what to do about thinning fur? This article focuses on problems with the coat.

Behavior Related

My Chihuahua Barks So Much at Night- When a puppy barks all night long, this is one of the biggest challenges for owners. We answer your questions about exactly how to handle this so that everyone can have a good night's sleep (including the neighbors!)
My Chihuahua Hates the Car- Does your Chi dislike being in the car? Does he or she get motion sickness or just plain freak out when being driven around? If you have questions about how to keep your pup happy while you are driving, this section is for you.
Traveling with a Chihuahua on an Airplane- Travel can be tricky when some airlines consider pets to be luggage. Learn safe tips and guidelines for when you are thinking about bringing your Chi onto an airplane.
Chihuahua is Afraid of Other Dogs- While some Chi have no idea that they are tiny, it is not uncommon for a Chihuahua to be very nervous and scared of other dogs.

This makes it difficult for an owner to bring their dog for walks, visit dog parks and more. You'll find great advice for helping your Chihuahua feel confident with other canines.
My Chihuahua Won't Go Outside- It can be a struggle when your dog dislikes being outside. Whether this is due to temperature, weather or other reasons, learn how you can train a puppy or dog to go outdoors with you.
Shy Chihuahuas- It is not uncommon for a Chihuahua to be very shy around people. But does that mean that the dog can't be trained to be more sociable and confident?
Chihuahuas and Cats - Do you have a question about whether or not a Chihuahua will get along well with a feline? This is a good subject to talk about, since many cats are larger than a Chi. 
Chihuahua Aggression Problems- Despite its size, this breed may have aggression issues toward his own human family members. This can create quite a chaotic environment. Often, the stress that owners feel exasperate the problem. Learn helpful tips to calm down an overly aggressive Chi.
Do Male Dogs Need to Mate? Are you wondering if males need to mate and what happens if they are restrained from doing so? This article answers those questions.
When a Chihuahua Shows Aggression Toward Other Dogs - Owners, of course, want their dog to get along well with other dogs, but what do you do if your Chihuahua is aggressive toward others? Read about some good techniques and training to help your dog be more sociable.
Is it Normal for Puppies to Hump? Is your Chihuahua humping and you want to know if it is normal for young puppies to do this? Whether your puppy is humping objects or trying to hump other dogs, you'll find detailed advice regarding this subject.
How to Help a Clingy Chihuahua- If your dog is clung to you like a shadow and doesn't want to leave your side, this section will cover all you need to know. Read about why dogs may behave this way and steps that you can take to help your dog become a bit more independent.
Chihuahua Little Dog Syndrome- If you've heard of this, you may still question if it is a real issue or just something that people say. Let's look into the details.
The Crazy Chihuahua- Do you have a Chi that's out of control? If so, this article will help you.
How to Calm Down a Hyper Chihuahua- For both puppies and older dog, this article shows you exactly how to calm down an exceedingly hyper Chi.
How to Stop Chihuahua From Begging - Some Chihuahua dogs just don't give up, but with a bit of patience you can train a dog to stop begging for food. 
Chihuahua Yelps When Picked Up- Read about what would make a puppy let out a loud yelp each time it is picked up.
Chihuahua Sleep Habits- It is not uncommon for a puppy to have difficultly staying asleep throughout the night; they make wake up and bark, whine, whimper or otherwise make a commotion to draw the attention of the owners. Also, owners of older, senior Chihuahuas may find that the dog wakes up more than normal. This article covers all of the details of this breeds sleeps habits and steps you can take to help your Chi get enough rest.

Appearance Related

Types of Chihuahuas- Do you have a question about how many types of Chihuahua there are? You may be surprised at the answer. 
Long Haired Chihuahuas- Learn all the facts about the long haired Chihuahua, also referred to as the long coat. Differences with grooming and care. Does the longer haired dog have different personality traits? Is life span the same? This section answers all of your questions.
Apple Head VS Deer Head Chihuahuas - Clearing up the mystery of these two head shapes. 
Miniature Chihuahuas - This section will answer all of the questions regarding mini or teacup Chihuahua dogs. Including differences in size, growth patterns, health and more.
Chihuahua Color Changes- Learn what it means if the coat color changes. Also what color changes to the skin may mean.

Puppy Specific

How to Bottle Feed a Chihuahua Puppy- If the dam will not or cannot nurse, you'll have lot of questions about how to bottle feed a puppy.
Weaning a Chihuahua- Taking care of a little newborn and is quite a task. This section goes over the guidelines of weaning a puppy from liquids to solids.
What is the Vaccination Schedule for a Chihuahua Puppy? Owners can understandably become concerned about which shots their puppy should receive and exactly when that should happen. Perhaps the vet is recommending something that does not sound right to you. Or you may have questions about adverse reactions that may happen. This section covers all of the details of vaccines and what you need to know.


Chihuahua Smells Bad - Covers all possible strange odor issues, and exact steps to resolve them. 
Kennel, Hotel or Boarding for a Chihuahua- If you have to go away and can't bring your Chi with you, you may have lots of questions about kennels, doggie hotels and boarding facilities. Read about how to find a safe place for your puppy or dog.
Chihuahua Trick Training- This little dog is super smart and able to learn all sorts of tricks. Learn how to train your dog to do all types of fun tricks. We go over how to start and detailed step-by-step instructions for 4 cool tricks.
Chihuahua Collars- Do you have questions about what is the best collar for a Chihuahua? Or are you wondering about using a collar VS a harness? We go over the details regarding what is best for this breed.
Chihuahuas as a Pet- Wondering if this breed makes a good pet? Learn what to expect, what sort of care this breed needs, behavioral traits and more to learn if this is truly the type of dog you would want to have.
Chihuahua Service Dogs- Great article all about how this breed is able to work as service dogs.
Chihuahua Facts- There have been many myths about this dog breed - Read about facts VS myths can basic information every owner should know.
History and Origin of the Chihuahua breed- Many people know that this breed has ancestors in Mexico however there is much to be debated regarding its development. Read about ancient history and current history.
Which is better, Male or Female Chihuahuas? We sort out the questions you may have about the differences in gender.
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