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Home Cooking

Home Cooking for Your Chihuahua

Healthy Home Cooking for the Chihuahua can only be found exclusively here on PetChiDog, the #1 Chihuahua Information Site.
Please note that we are not the authors of this book; we offer it as a 3rd party. 

Important Feeding Facts:

Vet Recommended - Did you know that any manufactured dog food can legally have the label of "Recommended by Veterinarians" if only 1 vet recommends it? This means any vet, even 1 out of 10,000. This applies to the most well known brands and to the generic brands.

Fillers - A big difference between high quality and low quality manufactured dog food is the amount of fillers. Fillers are empty, useless ingredients which are put into dog food to "pump" up the actual food itself and cause your Chihuahua to feel full...when in fact your cute little Chi is ingesting worthless elements which contain zero nutrients!
Because these filler are worthless to your Chihuahua, they pass right through their body and come out via the other end.
Behavior Problems - Often, when a Chihuahua eats grass or eats feces, this can be directly connected to the food they are eating. As your Chi is ingesting those fillers found in manufactured food, your dog will feel full, but his or her body will be craving nutrients that the fillers did not contain.

In an effort to give their body what is needed, they will sadly consume grass, feces and other elements you do not want your dog eating. You could be feeding the best food you think possible and all along, those fillers are doing bad things to your pet's body.

Allergies - Allergies to chemicals in commercial dog food is one of the most common allergies that affect Chihuahuas. This can cause upset stomachs, vomiting, diarrhea, and external symptoms such as dry, itchy skin and coat that loses its shine. 

Minor cases can leave your Chi in silent discomfort and severe cases can leave your Chi at the veterinarian clinic. By following the correct home cooking methods, you can be sure that your Chihuahua is receiving the nutrients they need, while at the same time finding out what he or she is allergic to.

Wheat - For those who already know that a Chihuahua is allergic to wheat you can make delicious wheat-free home cooked meals for your Chihuahua.

Teething - Why watch your Chihuahua suffer through the teething phase, when you can make delicious home made treats that will greatly help with discomfort.

Marketing Ploys - Puppy food, adolescent dog food, adult food, senior food, pregnancy food.. Are all of these really necessary? And which should you be feeding your Chihuahua? When you home cook dinners and snacks for your Chihuahua, you do not need to worry about the age of your dog. These home cooking recipes fit any Chihuahua of any age.

Raw Food Diets - While there is much debate about whether a raw-food-only diet should be given to our pets, when done safely and given once in a while, this can be a healthy treat. You'll want to make sure that raw food for Chihuahuas is prepared correctly and this eBook has a great, basic raw recipe.

Tummy Trouble Times - There will be times when your Chihuahua is feeling down, maybe after or during a treatment or perhaps just having an "off day" with an upset tummy. For those times, read the recipes for "Upset Tummy Food".

Trust - Your Chihuahua trusts you to feed him. He stands there looking so cute, practically drooling while you prepare dinner. He gets so excited when he knows you are putting food in his bowl. He is loyal to you and eats what you place down. Do you want to feed your Chihuahua fillers, by-products and chemicals? Or do you want to feed your dog home cooked food specifically for the Chihuahua and know that the only elements your dog is ingesting are healthy, nutritious and ingredients that your dog's body actually needs.

In Healthy Home Cooking for the Chihuahua, you will have recipes for:

* 9 Biscuits - Perfect as a side dish, a reward treat or an any time snack. These are also great for feeding to your Chihuahua 1 hour before car trips for those dogs that have a tendency toward motion sickness.

* 8 Healthy Snacks - Great any time, and don't forget those occasions when you have company over...why not allow your Chihuahua to enjoy a special food too?

* 5 Teething snacks to ease their discomfort while enjoying something yummy!

* 2 Vegetarian meals - To mix things up a bit and offer some diversity to your dog's meals.

* 4 Hamburg based meals - Perfect in today's economy and so easy to make while you prepare your own meal

* 3 Chicken based meals - For excellent health and easy cooking, also perfect in today's economy.

* 3 Fish meals - A wonderful way to provide choices for your Chi and especially appreciated by the "finicky eater"

* 4 Lamb based meals - Easy-to-bake recipes your dog will thank you for

* 2 Liver based recipes - For the flavor Chihuahuas can't resist and designed for excellent health

* 3 Italian meals - Most of us love Italian food. Your Chihuahua will love these healthy Italian recipes too!

* A perfect Raw Food recipe for the Chihuahua

* The # 1 Recommend Meal for Optimal Chi Health

* 5 Peanut Butter based meals for the Chihuahua - These are perfect for those that are teething or have chewing issues. Why? Because that peanut butter is healthy and keeps a dog's mouth busy...and that means your puppy won't be chewing on your shoes! In addition, when your Chihuahua is bored or acting too hyper, offering these peanut butter treats will keep him busy and happy!

* 8 desserts - For holidays, special occasions or just to show your dog that you care enough offer dessert

* A wonderful Chihuahua birthday cake recipe, to celebrate their special day

* 2 Breakfast recipes - Dogs tend to appreciate a different food for breakfast, just as we do!

* 3 Wheat-Free treats and meals - For those that are allergic to wheat

* 2 recipes for "Upset Tummy" - For when your Chi needs your help keeping down food or recovering from an illness

* The Ultimate Hypo-Allergenic Meal - To immediately give relief to a Chi that has food allergies...and then easily identify the culprit ingredient.
Healthy Home Cooking for the Chihuahua

67 Recipes, eBook- Easy PDF format, No Shipping, No Hassles, Yours in Moments

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Download to your tablet today (and place another copy on your computer or phone!)
Download to your phone today (and place another copy on your computer or tablet!)
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