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Recommended Chihuahua Breeders

Choosing a Chihuahua puppy should be a fun and exciting experience. However, that first hurdle of locating a trusted breeder can be difficult. Ideally, you will want to find a Chihuahua breeder that:
  • Has extensive knowledge of the Chihuahua breed
  • Has an excellent reputation
  • Has a small at-home program while offering top-quality puppies that are healthy and well socialized
  • Is honest, ethical and keeps prices fair
For this reason, we have this small directory of Chihuahua breeders in the U.S. whom we personally trust and recommend.  If you do not see a breeder in the state where you reside, we suggest that you look to a bordering state since many breeders are able to make arrangements such as meeting new owners half way or having a puppy delivered. 

*** Please note:  There are people who are trying to scam potential puppy buyers. Some of those scammers are falsely claiming that PetChiDog recommends them. If you see a breeder on the web that claims to be one of our Recommended Breeders, check here first... The ONLY Chihuahua breeders that we recommend are the ones listed here. 

Have fun finding your perfect puppy!

Arkansas Chihuahua Breeder

ChiChi Babies Chihuahuas
From 8 years experience in raising Chihuahuas and a lifetime of owning and loving this breed, we have gained the knowledge of the breed necessary to raise our puppies to the highest standards of health and temperament. Our adult dogs are family pets first and foremost. We are a loving, at-home Chihuahua breeder in AR, whose puppies enjoy real human contact and interaction every single day because they live in our home with us with constant care, love and attention. This makes our puppies exceptionally social and gives them the confidence that they need to adapt well into appropriate homes.  

Our website is designed to be an accurate source of information for our new owners and Chihuahua lovers in general. We also work to prepare our new owners to bring their puppies home.

Each new owner takes home a Puppy Kit with care guides, samples, information, as well as registration paperwork and sales contract with a health warranty to help them get off to a great start. Every puppy is vaccinated and dewormed according to a rigorous schedule developed by our team of reputable veterinarians, with whom we work closely to ensure that our dogs and puppies are healthy. We are always available to answer questions so please feel free to contact us today or browse our website for tons of pictures of our babies. We stand by our babies and we love them as family members. We know you will too! ~ Shayna
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Georgia Chihuahua Breeder

Darlene's Chihuahuas
I live in the small historic town of Chickamauga, Georgia. My whole family are animal lovers, as you will see when you visit our home. We fell in love with breed after I had the good fortune of inheriting a smooth coat from one of my customers from my pet grooming business about 12 years ago. He was so loyal and sweet and brave. Now Chihuahuas have taken over our hearts and our home!  

All of my dogs are AKC registered. They go to the Vet for their shots and a full health examination. And we stand behind every puppy we sell. I send each one home with a blanket, some toys, nutri-cal, a puppy starter kit, and some informative literature to help you get started with your new baby. They are socialized and well on their way to being wee wee pad trained when they leave here.

I am always happy to answer any questions you might have after taking your baby home. I am also listed as a rescue home with our local animal shelter. I put those dogs up for adoption in a home where they can live their lives out with a family that will give them all the love they deserve.

I do ship my puppies (with a travel companion) if you live too far away to pick your puppy up from our house; they are delivered to you by a very dear lady that brings the puppy to an airport close to you so that your baby never has to go in to the cargo area of an airplane. Please visit my web site to see my adults and any puppies I might have available. ~ Darlene
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Maine Chihuahua Breeder

YankeeBelle Chihuahuas
Home raised and loved, my Chihuahuas are my family. I have been a small scale Chihuahua breeder in Maine for over 30 years. My “kids” allow me to live in the house with them, are doggie-door trained, and have large outside playgrounds with carpeted sunning decks. Most people should have such a life (grin). By the way, I'm Ruth, I'm a Yankee. My neighbor / helper Joan, is from West VA and is a southern Belle ~ hence our name!  

We are both RNs but breeding is our passion. We BioSensor program our pups, starting at 3 days. You will find my dogs to be healthy, balanced and loving...guaranteed. You are welcome and encouraged to visit and meet the gang and see how they are loved and cared for. You will be able to see the parents of my puppies and take all the photos you desire.

Most people stay a minimum of 2 hours and have a hard time leaving! We are here for you for the life of your Chi. I am licensed and inspected by local authorities, State and AKC. ~ Ruth
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Chihuahua Breeder New York State
New York

Cathy's Charming Chihuahuas
My interest in breeding AKC Chihuahuas grew from my love of the breed. We raise both long coat and smooth coat Chihuahuas in our home in New York state with our children and other pets. We offer: 

    * Excellent veterinarian care, top nutrition and daily fun exercise
    * Breeding is done very carefully with my veterinarian's advice and support
    * From the day they are born, our puppies are cuddled and loved
    * We start training our puppies to use wee-wee pads and most are doing very well when they go to their new families
    * All puppies will have a  health certificate from my vet, 1st round of puppy shots and a written health guarantee when you take them home

Each will have a puppy starter kit which has a little blanket that has been with the litter for comfort, a bag of their food, a feeding schedule and a few surprises for you and your new baby:) You also are given an adorable little photo album with pictures starting when your baby was only 1 day old. Give me a call if you would like to talk "Chi" ~ Cathy
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Chihuahua puppy for sale Texas

BonBon Chihuahuas
We specialize in gorgeous puppies in Chocolate, Silver, Blue and Lavender. With both long and smooth coats, our puppies are double registered AKC and CKC. 

Our Champion Bloodlines allow our puppies to have small, square bodies, correct large ears, short muzzle, cobby legs, level top line and a well rounded "apple dome" head. Whether you are looking for show quality or just a fabulous pet, we have your perfect pup. Our lines include Davishall, Mataje, Mollnars, Durbin, Bayard, Ouachitah, Mur-Lyns & DuLittle...just to do a little name dropping! 

As as Chihuahua breeder in Texas, we are a member of the Houston Chihuahua Club and encourage and promote quality in the breeding of purebred Chihuahuas and do all that is possible to bring their natural qualities to perfection. Each year I breed a limited number of litters. My breeding program is based on quality not quantity. With an emphasis on sound movement, outgoing temperament and outstanding quality.

All our pups come with a health guarantee and are current on all shots and wormings. All of our pups are hand raised indoors with outside playtime for some important vitamin D. Socialized and raised around children, we spoil them from day one so you get the happiest healthiest and most well adjusted pup possible. 

We are available 24/7 for questions or concerns and look forward to helping you find your perfect pup!" ~ Christy Leach
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Are you an at-home Chihuahua breeder of AKC registered puppies and would like to see your listing here? If so, please introduce yourself to us. We here at PetChiDog would be happy to meet you and see if your breeding program fits with our guidelines in regard to personally recommending you. 

Start off by emailing us at to say hello, that includes a link to your website. We will then contact you to learn more about you. Thank you and have a great day.
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